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This book is the result of an 18-month long research project that included literature reviews and location research. In adopting an ethnographic research methodology, the author visited as many Buddhist communities as possible across South and Southeast Asia through 2018 and 2019 to gather research data. The findings discuss in detail under different country chapters reflect that Buddhism in Asia face formidable challenges both from within and outside. A number of recommendations are made in the final chapter. 

The book is really a consultancy report that was prepared for the International Buddhist Confederation and other Buddhist organisations and Buddhist leaders in Asia. Each country chapter contains a historical background to Buddhism in that country, and the first two chapters discuss in detail how Buddhism spread across Asia through the ages, especially through the Silk Routes, and also various Buddhist communication methodologies adopted through centuries. 

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This book written by Dr. Kalinga Seneviratne is the result of the research project, The Scourge of Poverty and Proselytism Breeding Religious Conflict in Sri Lanka, supported by The World Buddhist University, Bangkok, Thailand. The book has presented various aspects of the problems and conflicts among religious groups in Sri Lanka. It is a significant contribution towards bringing clarity to the recent complex situation, and reflects the socio-economic and cultural challenges facing Buddhist communities in Sri Lanka - Dr. Tavivat Puntarigvivat, Director, Institute of Research and Development, The World Buddhist University, Bangkok.