The Lotus Communication Network (LCN) is an informal network of like-minded Asian Buddhist media practitioners and scholars who are dedicated to develop better communication among Asian Buddhist communities.  Lotus News Features is the flagship project of LCN that provides feature stories related to Buddhism and Buddhist communities across Asia written by Buddhist communicators adopting  a mindful communication methodology.

Message from Dhammapada

There should be no delay in doing good deeds. One must avail oneself of every opportunity to do good. Such good actions rebound to one's eternal happiness



                                               Lotus News Features                                                         
News feature stories from Asia using mindful communication principles drawn from Buddhist concepts
Mindful Journalism requires the journalist to understand the reasons for sorrow/unhappiness, and to desist from using his/her craft to increase desire(tanha) and clinging(upadana) - Shelton Gunaratne



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Lotus Communication Network is currently looking for donors to help fund commissioning of special stories for  the Lotus News Features project from Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Please donate generously to help empower Buddhist communities in Asia.

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Dr Kalinga Seneviratne

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